Retirement Plans

August 22, 2016

Many of you already know that we will be retiring at the end of this year. (Or whenever the last ordered quilt is delivered.) This has been a yearlong process already. We stopped taking orders last year in August, and at that point had over 200 quilts yet to make and deliver. Now, a year later, we are down to about 75 – 90 quilts that still need to be finished and delivered. The women are all working at having their projects done by November so we can have them bound and picked up or shipped by the end of the year. We know of a couple that won’t make it by the end of the year, but almost everything will be done.

We will not be selling the business. I would love another quilt shop to come into our 1837 log cabin, but we will not sell the designs. We have worked so hard for the last 35 years to provide unusual pieces for our customers and we want to still protect that investment as best we can.

We have already sold all the quilt inventory. We had a nice supply of quilts coming in for the summer, but as soon as our customers found out we were retiring, they were gobbled up. All the inventory was sold by March, even ones that were not yet finished. Many of the antique pieces that make our showroom unique have also sold. We do have a few pieces still available. We have an antique harness rack with original rose head nails, which made an awesome display piece for wall hangings, a dry sink, and oak bedside table, and a tool trunk that are still for sale. In addition, we have an old Amish church bench that is still available.

If you come into our shop, we do still have quilts showing, even though they are not for sale. We have quite a few customers that will be picking up their quilts in December, so that we have something to show until we close. We do have gift items for sale. Some scarves, jewelry, CDs, and some wooden pieces such as wine stoppers, burls, and tops are still available.

And, upstairs in the studio we have fabric for sale. I am taking home a lot of fabric, but have many bolts for sale. If any of you are interested in fabric, I have some beautiful pieces that are very reasonably priced. Do come take a look at what I have.

Many of our customers have asked what we plan to do in retirement, will we be moving to a warmer climate? Well, no, we will not be moving. Our family is all in the area, so we think to move would be crazy. We want to be more available to attend our grandsons’ sports and music events as well as have more time for volunteering in this wonderful community. Dave has already signed up for teaching English as a Second Language one evening a week. I don’t know for sure which organizations I will be involved with, but will be looking to find something that will fit my interests and skills. I know there are many opportunities once I start to look.

Our hours at the shop have already been shortened, and we will likely shorten them more as we move into fall. At this point, we are closed Sunday, Monday and Wednesday, and open on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10 -4. If you are coming to pick up a quilt, please call ahead to check on our current hours. We will also have current hours on our answering machine if you call at a time we are closed. We will continue to keep our phone number and this limited website until at least the end of the year, and maybe a bit longer depending on what still needs to be finished.
Thanks for your interest in our quilts over the years. It is because of our loyal customers that we have had a very rewarding business over the last 35 years. We appreciate all the friends we have made through the business and will miss the shop and customer interactions immensely. Does anyone have a Kleenex?

Shirley and Dave Shenk

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